Our Family Of Services Include:


The most magical aspect of our program is providing a lifelong family to a child whose biological family is unable. We help our adoptive families choose from a statewide network of children who are available for adoption, i.e. their biological parents have lost all parental rights and will never be able to regain custody of the child.

Adopting through the foster care system results in ongoing payment to the adoptive family until the child(ren) reach age 19 to provide ongoing support to the families in order to ensure success.

Foster Care

Foster care is about providing a home for a child whose parents are temporarily unable to. While the child awaits return to his or her family our wonderful foster parents provide the daily calming routine (meals, school, homework, and a listening ear that is so crucial to a child’s health development). To help defray the costs of daily care, families are given $700, Medi-Cal and Denti-Cal.

While each child is different—with unique needs—a foster parent’s job may also be to help with the child’s sadness or fears, and to teach everyday life skills that might not have been taught in the child’s original home.

Clinical Social Work

Unfortunately, the trauma that creates a need for out-of-home placement generally follows a child throughout their life. Commonly referred to as “special needs,” such children often are angry, sad and/or anxious, making their transition to a foster or adoptive home painful for them. Difficulties with sleeping, learning, paying attention, and getting along with other children are common, underscoring the need for foster and adoptive parents to be patient, unconditionally accepting, and very consistent with rules, expectations and routines.

Utilizing our team of social workers, licensed therapists, clinical psychologist, pediatric psychiatrist, behavioral specialists and committed families we provide supportive services to facilitate successful child placements. Such services may include any combination of counseling, behavior management tools, tutoring and medication. Because each child’s needs are unique, we strive to tailor these specialized services one case at a time.

Parenting Education

As a fully-licensed adoption agency we emphasize quality preparedness for each family. We accomplish this through a parent education model called “PRIDE,” which teaches both the why’s and how-to’s of parenting, positive discipline, etc. We also teach a more basic, hands-on curriculum called “Parent Project,” which is offered to both our certified families and to the biological parents that are working through CPS or Probation to reunify with their children.

In addition, whenever possible we strive to pair new foster families with a more experienced foster parent, intended to provide a mentoring relationship.

Special Services:

We one of only a handful of agencies statewide licensed to place children with developmental disabilities in to foster care. This is done through a vendor process we have established with all eighteen regional centers throughout California. Disabilities include autism, cerebral palsy, mental retardation, and seizure disorders. Many of these children are not victims of abuse or neglect, but rather, have special needs that exceed their biological parents’ abilities.

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